Film business, internal communication

This company Groupama this film made ​​for the arrival of Cherry, the face of the company at their premises. This video combines both documentary and interview and presentation of the company and some of its employees.

This film presents business services and activities of the company Kantar Media, with an interview of one of its leaders. The speaker speaks directly to the public by articulating the principles and actions of the company. Moreover, speaking in English, it gives the video an international dimension can reach a wide audience.

This corporate film directed SFR present in internal communication to its employees a new project to ease their work. The film is punctuated by testimonials from employees discovering this new tool as well as interviews with the leaders of this project. This video aim to explain, demonstrate and justify the proposed new. While respectingthe graphic SFR elements animations are present: cartoon characters, logos, splitscreen, etc ...

This film presents the company business Alyotech Group. The director of this company tells us about its creation, operation and we present its activities and services. This film, by its dynamic axes changes was made with a green background and then stamped. This video, wanting international, has a translation in English subtitle.

This corporate film is a story about an artist, Dadave, exposing the premises of Groupama. The film used in internal communication is to inform employees of Groupama and to present the work and the process of the artist.

This corporate film directed SFR presents a new service to its employees. With a touch of staging, the new tool is presented and explained to the employees.


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