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Dominique Deveaux - VideoInside
Strategy and brand content
"Today we need to know just produce. Knowing how to create the image (and, beyond, the expected corresponding to the message to get across emotion), able to capture and hold the attention, namely the use of videotea - no matter how small it - at the right time, taking into account the situations of use of the affected targets. Video is a fully fledged media: a volatile social media, working and circulates without it necessarily have control. Any brand must now know therefore play wisely. "DD
Yesterday, there was talk of a world where everything would picture. We are more simple to produce and distribute the video is needed everywhere at the time of the mobile internet (smartphones, tablets, connected TV, communicating objects ...). Ubiquitous, highly available, the video raises a new question, essential: the same aesthetic image. An aesthetic that is at the bottom and form. The goal? Be able to produce effective videos, with messages tailored to the targets, according uses requested and expected! It is therefore matter of tone, style, world of audiovisual communication in connection with the branding of biases, staging, emotional register, capture, factory image ... set of images!
Examples of customer cases:
- For the company-Luxury Yachts: repositioning and redefining the brand identity abroad, creation of the universe design, advertising strategy with written and directed the film "A girl on the beach" and launch a chain dedicated YouTube. KING: nearly 100,000 video views from around the world (Internet, smartphones, tablets ...).
- Kitchens Arthur Bonnet: The video is at the heart of a media brand strategy: creation and industrialization customized for each store Arthur Bonnet videos. Creating advertisements for the product launch (kitchen "Rendezvous" and cooking "Sensations"). Institutional film Made in France, CEO interviews and staff portrait of designer Thibault Desombre ... KING: A brand affinity with the affected targets.
Dominique Deveaux

Journalist, photojournalist field, boasting over 12 years of experience in the world of the Internet and digital.

d.deveaux (at) videoinside.fr
Tel: 06 81 72 16 45
Laurent Petit - VideoInside
Event Consultant

"Create the event of a trade show, with Web TV, a live and interactive design program for a public or relocated to respond to remote employees at your Annual General Meeting, the video is now a key element your event marketing strategy. "LP
Example customer case:
Creating a Live show for pharmacies on behalf of a big name in the pharmaceutical industry, whose goal was to educate pharmacists on a well-known French headache: migraine. Then in a second time, presenting its new molecule.
Means: 1 website dedicated to the pathology of migraine, three live programs hosted by three neurologists and advice pharmacist. Tools: chat module, replay broadcasts podcast download area of ​​content, e-learning space.
l.petit (at) videoinside.fr
Tel: 01 80 87 81 27
Laurent Grégoire - VideoInside
Consultant, Sales & Training
"A video strategy for your sales force or your franchise network is a powerful way to humanize your relationships, develop your offers more demonstrative, and so strengthen your sales process. "L. G
Trade evolves, communication sales force becomes interactive tools become images. We propose to integrate this new video media in your sales process and training.
Examples of customer cases:
- Creation of the "video tour in pharmacies" between two rounds of traditional sales on behalf of a pharmaceutical laboratory. ROI found: 2000 tours.
- For annuairiste BtoB: Establishment of a detection of the best business talent and creating a web series on best business practices.
KING: 1500 video views per trade.
Laurent Grégoire
Sales Manager at Rank Xerox and creator of digital tools to support the sales for many companies. Today founder of the first e-commerce site audiovisual production Videoinside.fr, making sustainable implementation of video strategy within commercial devices.
l.gregoire (at) videoinside.fr
Tel: 01 80 87 81 28



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